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Bedsure Microfiber Fleece Lightweight Blanket Queen Size Blankets

Lightweight yet plush blanket, made from luxuriously soft microfibre, will engulf you in a warm hug. Bedsure Microfiber Fleece Lightweight Blanket Queen Size Blankets effortlessly covers your bed and adds style and cosiness to your bedroom with its enormous 90×90-inch size.  This microfiber blanket offers an unrivalled level of luxury and comfort, making it a necessary addition to your home whether you’re cuddling up for a sound night’s sleep or unwinding on the couch



Bedsure Microfiber Fleece Lightweight Blanket Queen Size Blankets


 More than just a blanket, the Bedsure Microfiber Fleece Lightweight Blanket Queen Size Blankets  invites you to experience the height of comfort, style, and luxury.

It perfectly blends into any environment while ensuring long-lasting quality thanks to its timeless grey color and robust construction. Additionally, the ease of care guarantees that your blanket will continue to feel as cozy as the day you first took it home. 

This Bedsure Microfiber Fleece Lightweight Blanket Queen Size Blankets adapts to your requirements, becoming a mainstay in your home whether you’re cuddling up on a chilly winter night or looking for a lightweight layer for the summer. 

Features of Bedsure Microfiber Fleece Lightweight Blanket Queen Size Blankets

  1. Generous Queen Size: Our blanket is 90×90 inches, making it the ideal size for a Queen bed. You and your companion can snuggle up comfortably without sacrificing warmth as well as coziness.
  2. Lightweight Luxurious: Take pleasure in the warmth without feeling burdened. Due to its pleasant lightness, you may use this blanket all year long, whether you need extra warmth in the winter or a breathable layer in the summer.
  3. Long-Lasting Quality: Our blanket is made to last thanks to careful stitching and strong materials. As a result, it will keep its softness and shape for many years to come.
  4. Elegant Grey Hue: A versatile and fashionable addition to your bedroom, guest room, or living space, the light grey color lends a touch of refinement to any design.
  5. Easy-Care Comfort: Though cleaning is simple. This blanket may be easily washed in a washing machine while retaining its luxurious appearance and softness, coming out looking brand new.
  6. Gift of Warmth: Giving your loved ones the gift of warmth and comfort is the ideal way to show them how much you care. Our Bedsure Fleece Blanket is a kind and useful gift that improves the recipient’s comfort as well as provide sense of style.
  7. All-Season Versatility: This blanket adjusts to your requirements, offering warmth and coziness all year long, whether you’re cuddling up on a chilly winter night or using it as a lightweight cover in the summer.
  8. Relaxation: The Bedsore Fleece Bed Blanket will up your relaxation game and turn your night routine into a sumptuous hideaway where comfort knows no bounds.                                                                                 

    Benefits of Bedsure Microfiber Fleece Lightweight Blanket Queen Size Blankets

    1. Supreme Softness: The use of superior microfiber in the construction of our queen size fleece blanket results in a delightfully plush and also a fuzzy feel that will delight your senses each time you cuddle up.
    2. Perfect Size: At 90×90 inches, our Queen size fleece blanket offers enough coverage and is the ideal size for couples or lone occupants.
    3. Year-round Comfort: Feel warm and cozy without getting too hot with this blanket. Because of its lightweight construction, it is suitable for all seasons and provides comfort in every climate.
    4. Guaranteed Durability: The meticulous craftsmanship as well as its premium microfiber make sure that this blanket endures the test of time, keeping its form and plushness even after multiple uses.
    5. Decor that Can Be Used Across Styles: It offers comfort while enhancing your decor.
    6. Simple Maintenance: Cleaning is simple. Just throw it in the washer, and you’ll see that it comes out just as plush and inviting as when you first got it.
    7. Warming Gift: Give this blanket to loved ones as a token of your concern and affection as well.  In fact it’s a useful gift that makes their life more comfortable and cozier.
    8. Elevated Comfort: Make going to bed an opulent retreat where comfort knows no bounds. A luxurious, relaxing experience is guaranteed with our Bedsure Fleece Blanket.

queen size lightweight blanket

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bedsure Microfiber Fleece Lightweight Blanket Queen Size Blankets

  1. What is the size of the grey fleece blanket in queen size?

Our Queen Size Lightweight Blanket is generously sized at 90×90 inches, giving your Queen bed plenty of protection. 

  1. Is this blanket appropriate for all four seasons?

It is, indeed! Its lightweight construction ensures that you will be comfortable in both frigid winter nights and windy summer evenings. 

  1. How soft is the fabric made of microfiber?

Our blanket’s microfiber material is very velvety and soft, providing a cozy and opulent feel that is gentle on your skin. 

  1. Is it simple to clean this blanket?

Absolutely! Cleaning is effortless. It will look and feel brand new after a simple wash in the washing machine. 

  1. Can I use this blanket as an accent piece?

Yes, the blanket’s sophisticated grey color seamlessly matches a variety of home design aesthetics, making it a chic accent to any space. 

  1. Can I give this blanket as a gift?

Certainly! It makes for a lovely and emotional gift that will bring warmth and solace to your loved ones. 

  1. Is the quality of the blanket consistent over time?

Yes, durability is a consideration in the design of our Bedsure Fleece Blanket. Even after repeated usage, the high-quality microfiber and precision stitching ensure that it keeps its plushness and shape. 

  1. Can I bring this blanket with me when I go camping or out for a picnic?

Although it is primarily intended for indoor use, it can be used outdoors for activities where extra warmth and comfort are sought. 

9. How many yard is a queen size blanket?

The Queen Size Bedsure Fleece Blanket measures 90×90 inches, or roughly 2.5 yards by 2.5 yards.

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10: How to wash Bedsure Blanked?

You can adhere to these basic maintenance recommendations:

  1. Check the Care Label: Start by looking at the blanket’s care label to see if the manufacturer has included any specific washing directions. There can be special maintenance needs for some blankets.
  2. Machine Wash: Activate the washing machine and add the blanket. Use cold or lukewarm water and a moderate cycle. Avoid hot water because it is not good for blanket.
  3. Detergent: Use a moderate detergent, please. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach because they can degrade microfiber and lessen its suppleness.
  4. Load Size: To prevent your washing machine from becoming overloaded. It’s a good idea to clean the blanket independently or with other lightweight items.
  5. Washing Speed: To reduce damage to the blanket, use a gentle or delicate cycle. Spinning and slow agitation are preferable for delicate textiles like microfiber.
  6. Rinse Completely: Make sure the detergent is thoroughly washed off.
  7. Drying: After washing, you have two options for drying the blanket: on a line or in a tumble dryer set on low heat. It’s crucial to use low heat to avoid harming the microfiber. Avoid using intense heat, which may cause the fibers to melt or contract.
  8. Avoid Over drying: To avoid over drying, remove the blanket from the dryer as soon as it is dry.
  9. Additional Advice: Before washing the entire blanket, spot-clean any stains on it with a mild detergent and a gentle cloth. To prevent snags or fabric damage, don’t handle the blanket with sharp objects or too much force.




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